Is digital or optical zoom better?

Answer On One Hand: Digital ZoomDigital zoom is a feature most often associated with a "point and shoot" camera, rather than a single-lens reflex (SLR). According to, "What digital zoom does... Read More »

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Which is better ..get a higher digital zoom or optical zoom for a digital camerait?

Which is better in a digital camera - optical zoom or digital zoom?

Optical zoom, ignore digital. A mixture of the two is fine but it is still the optical element that provides a quality zoomed image.What is optical zoom? Optical zoom lenses physically extend to ma... Read More »

Which is better digital zoom or optical zoom?

That is easy, optical. The digital zoom is just making things larger by using reduced data, whereas the optical zoom is using the lens to increase the size of the image and full image array.Conside... Read More »

Which kind of zoom on a digital camera is better to have Digital or Optical?

It is great to get both high digital and optical zoom. But as others have said Optical Zoom is better. I have seen and owned a few cameras with a high digital zoom and low optical zoom and the pict... Read More »