Is diabetics is curable or preventable?

Answer well it is bothi know ayurvedic doctors who can cure cancerspecialists in heart problems and diabetesit is jst that they are not popular since it requires timr to be cured and complete vegetarianism

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Why does the dietitian counselor tell diabetics to eat peanut butter Diabetics need lots of fat?

Diabetics need to carefully watch their intake of fats, ESPECIALLY animal fats.Diabetes ALSO causes high cholesterol and high triglycerides. But cholesterol is an ANIMAL product, found only in mea... Read More »

Is Cancer Preventable?

Many cancers - if not all - are preventable. - The less you include chemicals and junk food in your diet and the more you include fresh, natural food like fruits, vegetables and nuts, the further y... Read More »

Is progeria preventable?

Is Huntington's disease preventable?

On One Hand: Parents Can Take Prevention MeasuresPeople who have inherited the gene that causes Huntington's disease can prevent passing the gene on by adopting children or by using in-vitro fertil... Read More »