Is diabetes a disorder or special needs?

Answer my 3 year old son still not chewing food

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Is diabetes a disorder or a disease?

ok well this site said that diabetes is a DISORDER that leads to DISEASES of various body parts. check out the site listed below. :] happy holidays!

Is diabetes a Genetic disorder?

Risk factors for getting diabetes does include family history, obesity, age, and even race. You can read more here…

Is diabetes a disorder involving the way the body handles sugar?

When a person has diabetes the body is not able to handle sugar properly. After food is ingested the body breaks it down into glucose, a sugar that requires insulin to break it down. In diabetics ... Read More »

Would a diagnosis of Developmental coordination disorder qualify a child for special education services?

Answer To qualify for special education in most states, you need to prove that there is a discrepancy between intelligence and acheivement. In other words, there is usually a processing deficit th... Read More »