Is dextromethorphan safe during pregnancy?

Answer The cough suppressant dextromethorphan got some bad press after one study found that it caused birth defects in chick embryos, but this study had many flaws and is generally not given much credibil... Read More »

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Is it safe to mix lithium and dextromethorphan (or dxm)?

The best person to ask is your local Pharmacist, the one to whom you go. He will have a record of all meds that you are on and will know if they can interact safely or not. Often times a Pharmaci... Read More »

Is Tylenol Safe During Pregnancy?

The aches and pains associated with pregnancy are many. Hormonal headaches, back aches, muscles and bones pulling and shifting are all painful side effects of your growing belly. Many vigilant wome... Read More »

Is it Safe to Use Cleaners During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time when most women become concerned with their health and the health of their fetuses. The strong fumes associated with many household cleaning products may make an expectant mothe... Read More »

Is tea tree oil safe during pregnancy?

Tea tree oil, known for its antiseptic qualities, has not been tested on pregnant women. Research on pregnant animals, however, shows that tea tree oil can slow the ability of the uterus to contrac... Read More »