Is delta love crib 4340-1 on recall list?

Answer %REPLIES% Answer It depends on the laws in your state. Each state varies on the laws for carseat and booster laws. Answer Really, yes. It's because seat belts are designed to fit adults over 5ft... Read More »

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Is the delta love crib 4970 on the recall list?

Is the Delta love crib 4624 1 on the recall list?

delta luv crib model # 4621-1 date july 18 2007 manufacture # wj780139 a recall product

Is the Delta love crib 4624-1 on the recall list?

Yes the 4624-1 Model has parts that were recalled. You can go to ask or bing and type in Delta Luv 4624-1 Recall and it will give you the sites you need to order replacement parts. As far as I have... Read More »

Is delta love crib model 4750 on recall list?

YES!here is the link