Is delivering at 36 weeks pregnant alright?

Answer Answer Here's a resource you might find interesting: Are babies born at 36 weeks gestation at risk of medical problems?A: Most babies born... Read More »

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I am 14 weeks pregnant and suffer from chills some days but checked and baby is alright What could be causing chills even when hot outside?

Answer apparently you can get chills throughout pregnancy because of the incresed levels of estrogen (hormones) in your body. Its nothing to worry about im sure

Is it alright to douche while pregnant?

Answer Absolutely not, you can introduce infection.You shouldn't douche at all.The vagina is self-cleaning and introducing a foreign chemical can lead to all sorts of infections by upsetting the na... Read More »

I am 9 weeks pregnant scan says im 7 weeks heart beat is good.Is this a serious problem. My baby is healthy or notmiscarriage will happen.Will ultrasound often affect baby?

Ultrasounds are not invasive at all and will not harm you or your baby. If your baby measures 7 weeks but you think you are 9 weeks it could be a number of things. First off, every baby grows at th... Read More »

Will you most likely have your baby early if you are 30 weeks pregnant measuring 34 weeks?

Answer Not necessarily. You may just be having a large baby.You don't say if YOU measure 34 weeks or you had an early scan which says you are now 30 weeks and a scan now measures 34 weeks.