Is dehumidifier water drinkable?

Answer No. Although technically distilled water, dehumidifier water has not been boiled to kill microbes or fungus from aerial spores. You can use dehumidifier water to water non-edible plants or to fill ... Read More »

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How is sea water converted into drinkable water through desalination?

Desalinization converts some of the earth's vast repository of undrinkable salt water into drinkable fresh water. Unfortunately, the process is expensive both in money and energy.NecessityOnly one ... Read More »

What is the point of bottled water when tap water is drinkable?

I don't know about the U.K. but here in the States most of the more reasonably priced waters are from 'municipal' sources, meaning duh, tap water. It might be tap water from another city but it's ... Read More »

Is sea water drinkable?

Humans should avoid drinking seawater. While very small amounts can be safely ingested, seawater contains a very high amount of salt that cannot be processed by the human body. Drinking too much se... Read More »

Is rain water drinkable?

You can drink rain water, but you need to handle it in such a way that you do not contaminate it, according to the Argonne National Laboratory. While you would probably be safer drinking tap or bot... Read More »