Is degenerative disc disease a form of arthritis?

Answer Degenerative disk disease and arthritis are different conditions conditions.The cause of degenerative disk disease at this point is not understood, however having arthritis can contribute to its de... Read More »

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What is degenerative disk disease?

The disk is the soft cushion that sits between our vertebrae. As we age, wear and tear puts strain on our backs. According to Cedars-Sinai, these disks can erode, causing a painful condition called... Read More »

Degenerative Bone Disease in Dogs?

Degenerative bone disease is one of the most common ailments in older dogs that can cause severe pain. It occurs progressively as cartilage surrounding a dog's joints begins to deteriorate. This ex... Read More »

Canine Degenerative Joint Disease?

Joint abnormalities, infection, trauma or stress to joints, obesity and genetic disposition in certain breeds are all factors that can lead to canine degenerative joint disease. Canine degenerative... Read More »

Is there a cure for degenerative bone disease?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for any of the problems that people think of as degenerative bone disease. However, there are treatments that can slow the progress of it and in some cases even reve... Read More »