Is defragmenting the same as compacting?

Answer Defragmenting refers to the process of moving computer files so they are sequential on the hard disk. Compacting is the process of compressing files such that they require less disk space. While bo... Read More »

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Is Defragmenting the Same as Compacting in a Database?

No. Defragmenting a database moves the data so that it occupies one physical location on the hard drive, while compacting it reduces the amount of wasted space to make the data file smaller. Both o... Read More »

Outlook Express: Compacting Failed?

Microsoft Outlook Express is a free email client that is a core feature of the earlier versions of Microsoft Windows, such as Microsoft Windows XP. With a "Compacting Failed" error in Outlook Expre... Read More »

How to Make Fire Wood by Compacting Materials Together?

If you are throwing out old newspapers, sawdust sweepings and coffee grounds and buying or cutting firewood, you can save money and the environment by recycling your trash. Make your own fire logs ... Read More »


No, what's the point of defragmenting daily. That's overkillI do it every 6 months