Where could my husband have hid the jager?

Answer I think some people hide booze in the tank behind the toilet. Helps make that morning dump a bit more bearable I suppose.

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How to Make a Jager Bomb?

This drink is the perfect party starter. If you have a group of friends charging up before a night on the town (or you've tried this drink and want to make it yourself) try this drink!

How Do I Unlock Jager on the Last Remnant?

Jager is a character in "The Last Remnant," a role playing game for PC and Xbox 360. You can get Jager in your party by hiring him from the "Ring Of The Labyrinth" guild, which is in Athlum. Before... Read More »

Does jager go with so well with bacon because germans are so into sausage?

No. It is really a personal taste kind of thing.Personally, I don't drink it so I would have something else with my sausage.Peace.

What mixed drinks can you make with Jager, coconut rum, raspberry vodka& whiskey?

Raspberry vodka can be used to make a raspberry Russian when mixed with Kahlua and raspberry cosmos, made with triple sec and lime juice. Whiskey is an ingredient in mint juleps, manhattans and whi... Read More »