Is ddr2 memory compatible with ddr?

Answer DDR, or Double Date Rate, is a type of memory chip for your computer. DDR2 chips are capable of going faster than DDR, with DDR3 having the fastest capacity. The two, however, are not compatible. T... Read More »

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Is DDR PC2700 compatible with DDR2 Kingston memory?

First-generation DDR, including PC2700, is not compatible with any type of DDR2. The computer can use different speeds of DDR together as long as they are from the same generation. For example: D... Read More »

Is a DDR2 1200 motherboard compatible with a 1066 memory stick?

A motherboard designed for 1200 MHz DDR2 RAM is compatible with 1066 MHz DDR2 memory. However, the memory will still run at 1066 MHz. DDR2 memory is backward compatible with slower speeds, but not ... Read More »

Will DDR2-667 memory work with DDR2-800 memory?

DDR2-667 memory will work with DDR2-800 memory as long as the computer's motherboard supports DDR2-800. DDR2 memory slots will work with any DDR2 memory at or below the maximum supported speed. A... Read More »

Is DDR2 memory backward compatible?

DDR2 memory is compatible with other DDR2 modules of different speeds, but it is not backward-compatible with older memory types like DDR, SDRAM or Rambus. It is also incompatible with newer DDR3 R... Read More »