Is day or night the best time to conceive a baby?

Answer On One Hand: Conception During the DayAccording to a fertility expert on, a man's sperm count is higher in the morning. Therefore, conceiving earlier in the day can be easier. Also, ... Read More »

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When is the best time for a woman to conceive?

Answer Two weeks before your period is due.You can only get pregnant 2 days out of a month, the 14th and 15th day after your period starts (ovulation days). Semen can live in your body from 4-7 da... Read More »

Could you have an irregular period the night you conceive?

Answer I am no expert but it would depend where you are in your cycle. If you are at the ovulation point and you are ovulating then your period can be irregular that night if concieved. If not conc... Read More »

How old was your baby the first time you spent the night away from them?

Mine was a few months from turning two when I spent the first night away from her. And actually she spent the night away from me. Her Nay-Nay went on vacation and asked if she could go with her, an... Read More »

When is the best time to shower Morning or night ?

Your so right.... I do both just for that reason.... But I couldn't go to bed all dirty so before bed