Is dark urine color during pregnancy ok?

Answer Answer yes its your hormones

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Will urine become darker in color during pregnancy?

Answer To be honost here I don't think your urine will change colors.. at least mine didn't. Dark urine can mean you are not drinking enough water. I am sure it can mean other things as well but t... Read More »

Why is the urine dark in color?

Oxidised form of uric acid is released as "pee/urine/piss(whatever you call it)" So you need to drink more water, for it to be lighter/ clearer. Doctors recommend 8-10 cups of water, however i try ... Read More »

Is pet urine harmful during pregnancy?

Well, I am not sure exactly what you're intentions with the urine are but just coming in contact with pet urine is okay except for cat urine/feces. Coming in contact with cat urine puts your and yo... Read More »

Are there any changes in urine during pregnancy?

I couldn't tell but if there is for you, you should go see a doctor.