Is dark lipstick meant for kissing ghosts?

Answer Yes.

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How do i make glow in the dark lipstick?

I don't think there is a way to make lipstick like that without some kind of potentially hazardous material...i could be wrong though. DO NOT go out and buy glow sticks and attempt to put it on you... Read More »

How to Apply Dark Lipstick for Light Skin?

Yes, gals with lighter, pale skin can pull off that deep, retro, glamorous look without getting all washed out. You just need to pick your lip colors carefully and apply the lipstick following thes... Read More »

How to Pick Lipstick to Match a Dark Purple Dress?

Finding the most complimentary match between lipstick and clothing is more a process of elimination than anything else. When wearing dark purple, it will be very easy to see what doesn't work right... Read More »

How to Pick a Lipstick Color to Match a Dark Purple Dress?

Selecting makeup colors can be difficult, especially if you are trying to coordinate with an outfit. One can match the lipstick to the ensemble, but there are other approaches to best complement yo... Read More »