Get Lucky- Daft Punk?

Answer Everyone's taste in music is different, but I'm a diehard Daft fan, and I don't care for Get Lucky. It's almost a funk song. Hope this helps.

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Your opinions on Daft Punk?

Love 'em, especially the Discovery album, not heard anything new since Human After All.Don't know how anyone can say 'who?', they must be living under a rock to not have heard these;- Da Funk.- Aro... Read More »

I think iv gone and done something daft?

Sorry to say, but I also think that was a daft thing to do.

How can I create music like Daft Punk?

Spend tens of thousands on music equipment, then spend years learning how to use it all and develop your own style.It really isn't as simple as just downloading some software, watching a couple of ... Read More »

NRHH: What are your opinions on Daft Punk?

There was a kid my freshmen year of college that dug them and would play them alot. That's about all I know tbh.BQ: Digital Love