Cussing online?

Answer I know as far as the yahoo game rooms go ,, they have finally started booting people off, not allowing them to enter the game rooms, and they are censoring, live while you play and respond to your ... Read More »

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Is cussing good for children?

of course not i agree with the first answer BUT it is hard to keep there mouths clean if WE continue to swear once in a while. so basically with my kids, if they catch me, i put a quarter in the ja... Read More »

Good songs but not cussing all the time..?

How to Stop Cussing Around Your Parents or Other Adults?

Have you ever let a bad word slip out? Not a "stupid" kind of bad word, but a bad, bad word? Wanna stop? Here's some things to help you stop!

Oops... How to stop the nasty cussing habit?

here's what I did and it worked like a CHARM!!! let's say u say ****. mark a tally down. later you say $*$)(%)(DSKLJ($!!! mark it w/ another tally again. when you get home, let's say u said 5 swear... Read More »