Is cursor mania safe to install?

Answer…Please HELP!!! Do I have a virus??? Did I get rid of it??? - Yahoo! Answersthis about sums it up

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Is Cursor Mania safe?

On One Hand: Just a Software ProgramCursor Mania is a software program distributed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. The free program allows you to customize your mouse cursor image. On the su... Read More »

Does Cursor Mania install itself?

The software program Cursor Mania does not install itself. The user must click a download option for the program from an advertisement or from a download website. The software is part of the Fun We... Read More »

Is Cursor Mania spyware?

According to, Cursor Mania is not technically spyware but can slow your computer. It is an Internet Explorer plugin that allows you to choose from a number of unique cursors. It is part ... Read More »

Am I experiancing mania?

Personally, it sounds like Bi-Polar, but you should definitely see a doctor, to see if it's something temporary, or something that may need more attention. Hopefully you'll feel better, soon :)