Is cupid really real cause on another website it said he was real who sould you believe?

Answer i think nora (if that's how you spell it) dumped him. she went out with another guy and got pregnant as you should know if you seen the movie :) x

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Is the website cliquesters on cyberbully a real website?

Lemme just help you all out a little bit. Cliquesters is not a real site. It's based off of Clicksters which cause a young girl to kill herself a couple years ago and was shut down. If you guys wan... Read More »

Does anyone know how to make a website, like a real website?

www.piczo.comBut it will be like www.(yourwebsitename).piczo.comSo the .piczo will always be thereIf u want it jsut to be .com you ahve to pay for it

Is iCarly a real website?

Yes it is a real Web-site. It's at the links below.

Cryptidsarerealcom is that a real website?

Yes, sort of, unfortunately or fortunately! The site has been created by the Cartoon Network TV channel, and contains parental guidance notes. It can be accessed from either of the hyperlinks shown... Read More »