Is ctrl + alt + delete the best thing ever invented?

Answer If only people had them!

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My ctrl+c ctrl+v and also ctrl+spacebar do not work.?

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Do you think makeup is the stupedest thing ever invented?

&^&^&^Michael starts us off ..Generally speaking I prefer women who don't wear much make-up. In my opinion all women look better (and more beautiful) without it. I know there are some times like sp... Read More »

How to Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete Using a Remote Desktop?

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Reformatted a hard drive, got "boot mgr not found. Press ctrl+alt+delete to restart"?

You need to go into the BIOS and set the flash drive as the Default Boot. It should be labelled USB:Soandso - You can normally find it under Boot options.EDIT@@@:Boot MGR not found is because the B... Read More »