Is csi Miami did in Miami or in Los Angeles?

Answer The exterior shots are filmed in Miami, the interior shots in Los Angeles and the beach scenes in Mahattan Beach, California.

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Will food, hotels clothing and in general is Miami cheaper or Los Angeles?

Looking at the big picture, L.A. is somewhat more expensive than Miami as the overall cost of living is a little higher. of course it depends on which community but that's the big picture.

Who is a cooler detective Sonny Crockett from the 1980's show Miami Vice or Horatio Caine from CSI Miami?

Budget cuts.. But CBS' official version is "creative changes".

What is the song of the csi Miami commercial at axn that starts saying visit Miami?

It is the one where horatio is bleeding and pointing a gun at someone/thing?

Is every episode of csi Miami filmed in Miami?

No. CSI: Miami is all filmed in Los Angeles, with the exception of the Season Premiere and Finales.