Is crystal glass?

Answer Crystal is indeed glass--lead glass, to be exact; so called because it contains lead oxide. Typically, glass is produced with sand, soda ash and limestone, these melted at about 3,600 F to form gl... Read More »

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How to Repair Glass and Crystal?

Crystal and glass are used to make many items around the home, such as glasses, vases, plates and platters. With frequent use and washing, glass and crystal can chip, or break entirely. If the chip... Read More »

Glass Vs. Crystal Rhinestones?

Rhinestones are imitation stones made of either glass or crystal. They are faceted and colored to adorn clothes and art. However, there is a difference between glass and crystal rhinestones that af... Read More »

Is glass a crystal or liquid?

Glass has a classification of its own and is neither a liquid or crystal. It does not form a regular pattern as crystals do. However, it does not flow as a liquid does. It is neither liquid nor c... Read More »

How to Fix Chips in Crystal Glass?

Crystal glasses can be an elegant and beautiful addition to any dinner party. Your sparkling, flawless glasses can impress even the wealthiest of guests. However, your glasses won't be very impress... Read More »