Is crystal glass?

Answer Crystal is indeed glass--lead glass, to be exact; so called because it contains lead oxide. Typically, glass is produced with sand, soda ash and limestone, these melted at about 3,600 F to form gl... Read More »

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What is a mineral glass crystal?

Mineral crystal is a type of glass that is scratch resistant. It is more scratch resistant than artificial glass such as Plexiglas, but not as scratch resistant as sapphire crystal. Mineral crysta... Read More »

What Makes Crystal Different Than Glass?

From holding beautiful flowers to champagne during a wedding toast, crystal is often a symbol of elegance. With its ornate patterns, crystal sets itself apart from its glass counterparts. To the av... Read More »

How to Repair Glass and Crystal?

Crystal and glass are used to make many items around the home, such as glasses, vases, plates and platters. With frequent use and washing, glass and crystal can chip, or break entirely. If the chip... Read More »

What makes glass crystal?

Crystal is a common term for a type of glass that has a higher refractive index and is easier to cut than regular glass. It usually contains lead oxide.IngredientsMost crystal is produced by adding... Read More »