Can cramping be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Answer Of course! Cramping is a normal symptom Answer Cramping can be caused by many things.If you have no other signs and symptoms, cramping is not a sign of pregnancy.

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Is cramping an early sign of pregnancy?

Cramping can be a sign of implantation, which occurs very early in pregnancy. Also, your uterus gets crampy as things start growing! If your period is late, it's time to test.Yes, cramping can be a... Read More »

Can a milky like discharge and cramping be a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Milky discharge from your vagina? Probably not, that is usually a sign of ovulation. You should be getting your period soon after. Milky discharge from your breasts, possibly. If you are... Read More »

Is cramping and bad lower back pain a sign of pregnancy?

Answer possibly, or any number of ailments such as kidney infection, urinary track infections etc, SEE A DOCTOR>

Could cramping for two days after ovulation be sign of pregnancy?

Answer Ovulation causes cramping sometimes. Many women do not feel this sensation. I can always tell when I have ovulated or am ovulating. My doctor always asks me if I have noticed any pain bef... Read More »