Is cradle cap a serious condition?

Answer No, just be careful when you wash the baby's head very gently with babyshampoo, and NEVER TRY TO PICK AT IT

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Is a painful scalp a serious condition?

On One Hand: Conditions Can be Mild or SeriousFungus and bacteria can cause scalp pain, which can be a sign of a mild to serious condition. Ringworm is a common, usually mild infection that occurs ... Read More »

My father n law keeps haveing mini strokes WHY Dr says he is in serious condition ..?

Yes, mini strokes (aka TIAs) can be serious. Sometimes they are a warning sign for an on-coming major stroke. Tell your doctor to get off his arrogant a** and do something.

How to Determine a "Serious Health Condition" Under Family Medical Leave Act Regulations?

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) regulations primarily allow leave for an employee's "serious medical condition" or to care for a family member's condition. However, the condition has to meet sp... Read More »

Serious question-What condition could cause a sudden swollen lower rt. abdomen, extreme pain 2" down/ 4" rt. ?

Omg! that sounds terrible.It could be a strangulated hernia.Symptoms are,steady pain that gradually gets worse.Nausea,vomiting,swelling,pain when area is touched and red skin around the hernia.You ... Read More »