Is crab meat preservative good to eat?

Answer On One Hand: The Safety IssueAccording to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, two of the main preservatives often found in imitation or regular packaged crab meat, sodium acid pyrophosph... Read More »

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Is imitation crab meat good for you?

Imitation crab meat is made from fish, and is no better or worse for you than any other properly-prepared fish. It's whitefish so its heavy in Omega 3s, which is good for you. So yes. Its good for ... Read More »

May I please have a good recipe for fried crab meat as served in chinese buffet restaurants?

Its called chiu (chili) yim (salt) style. You clean crab then cut into half. Flour lightly then deep fried the crab pieces. Saute chopped fresh chili in oil, add fried crab, add cooking rice wine, ... Read More »

Is turpentine&linseed oil a good wood preservative?

In the days before modern synthetic preservatives, linseed oil squeezed from flax seeds was commonly used as the best available wood preservative. It was thinned with turpentine to speed up its dry... Read More »

How to Get the Meat out of a Crab?

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