Is tipping really for the Birds?

Answer No and yes. You should tip if you felt the service was good. But you shouldn't if you thought the service was bad. some patrons think tipping is mandatory, but in reality it is a token of appreciat... Read More »

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What are all the possible reasons a computer would run really, really slowly?

As the expression goes, I am sorry to hear that you are having computer problems.I don't know much about your machine, or what OS you are running. Unfortunately what is wrong could range from the ... Read More »

Is it really possible to die of old age?

To die of old age is impossible. It's all the complications that come with old age that kill you. Our organs and organ systems will begin to weaken and inevitably fail as we age. Age is kinda li... Read More »

Is it really possible to drive a car on rails?

Any road vehicle can be adapted to run on rails by replacing the road wheels with flanged ones.This has been done with cars and buses in both the US, Latin America and Europe and there have also be... Read More »

Is it really possible to die of a broken heart?

yes =especially in couples that have been together for many years