Is it legal to write"see ID"on credit cards?

Answer Writing "see ID" on the back of a card does not violate any U.S. law, but it usually violates the policies of card issuers, according to You must have a signature on the back of al... Read More »

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What Legal Action Can Be Taken If You Owe on Credit Cards?

Given the high interest rates and low minimum payments on some credit card accounts, it is relatively easy for a consumer to not realize he is too deep in credit card debt to escape until it is too... Read More »

What Cards Are Legal for Pokemon Tournaments?

The "Pokémon" card game is a game played by multiple players arranging various Pokémon-themed cards in front of themselves and trying to have the effects of their cards be greater than those of t... Read More »

Is it legal to photocopy credit cards in Ohio?

The Ohio treasurer of state advices that part of protecting yourself from identity theft is by photocopying even your credit cards. So, it is legal to photocopy credit cards in Ohio.References:Ohio... Read More »

Are Angels vs. Demons Magic cards tournament legal?

Wizards of the Coast released a Duel Deck for their popular "Magic: The Gathering" card game featuring angels battling demons. This deck, known as Divine Vs. Demonic, offers a variety of reprinted... Read More »