Is cosmetic surgery tax deductible?

Answer On One Hand: Usually Not Medically NecessaryMost cosmetic surgeries do not qualify for a tax deduction, because they are deemed not medically necessary, according to the Internal Revenue Service. E... Read More »

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Cosmetic Surgery Colleges?

A person may wish to undergo cosmetic surgery, also referred to as plastic surgery, for several different reasons. As a cosmetic surgeon, you may find yourself performing rhinoplasty, giving a face... Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery in "Fable 2"?

"Fable 2" is the sequel to the Xbox 360 game "Fable." In the game, your actions influence how the other computer-based characters interact with you and how your character looks. As you progress thr... Read More »

Cosmetic surgery question?

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Has bob barker had cosmetic surgery?