Is cosmetic surgery tax deductible?

Answer On One Hand: Usually Not Medically NecessaryMost cosmetic surgeries do not qualify for a tax deduction, because they are deemed not medically necessary, according to the Internal Revenue Service. E... Read More »

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Would you consider having Cosmetic Surgery...?

Absolutely...I think having bigger boobs would make me a much better child therapist. LOL...just kidding Shelly. No...I wouldn't. But I would do it for me.

Cosmetic Surgery in "Fable 2"?

"Fable 2" is the sequel to the Xbox 360 game "Fable." In the game, your actions influence how the other computer-based characters interact with you and how your character looks. As you progress thr... Read More »

Cosmetic Surgery Colleges?

A person may wish to undergo cosmetic surgery, also referred to as plastic surgery, for several different reasons. As a cosmetic surgeon, you may find yourself performing rhinoplasty, giving a face... Read More »

Cosmetic surgery question?

Oh for the love of god.....why did I read that question....gagging.....god helpus if there is not some kind of surgery