Is corn grown in Britain?

Answer Answeryes and no. the word corn originally means the main grain crop so if you asked someone in Scotland hows the corn growing he will think you are talking about barly. nowadays most people say co... Read More »

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What foods grown in Great Britain?

How long have strawberries and kale been grown in Britain?

There is no way anyone could know. Simple as that.

How is popping corn grown?

A variety of grass related to sweet corn, popcorn was grown, popped and consumed as a confection by Native Americans for generations, European colonists quickly adopted popcorn as well. Present day... Read More »

Why is it that you can only pop corn that is grown for that purpose and not pop the other varieties?

Special varieties are grown to give improved popping yield. Some wild types will pop, but the cultivated strain is "Zea mays averta," which is a special kind of "flint corn."Each kernel of popcorn ... Read More »