Is corn a bad food to eat if you have diabetes?

Answer No, corn is not a bad food to eat with diabetes. In fact, as a starch, corn is actually an important component of a diabetic diet, as it delivers needed carbohydrates.Source:American Diabetes Assoc... Read More »

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Is corn good for diabetes?

Its fine in moderation, just watch the portion size for carbs. Its a medium GI food.

Does HFCS corn syrup cause diabetes?

FOODS AND DRINKS DO NOT CAUSE DIABETES!NOT HAVING SOME FOODS OR DRINKS DOES NOT PREVENT DIABETES! there is no proof that HFCS corn syrup causes anything at all!! A few mice were fed a diet of only ... Read More »

Is ethanol made from food quality corn?

Ethanol is made from starch- or sugar-based feedstock, according to the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), not from human food-quality corn. "For calendar year 2009, ethanol production exceeded 10.... Read More »

Pre-diabetes food questions?

Diabetics should eat the same as anyone else. The problem is most people do not eat healthy.The secret is to eat a well rounded balanced diet, and to eat everything in moderation.My endocrinologist... Read More »