Is coral calcium better than plain calcium?

Answer On One Hand: It May Be BeneficialCoral calcium contains calcium carbonate and many other minerals. Coral calcium was popularized by Robert Barefoot, who claims that this supplement is good for over... Read More »

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Is Coral Calcium Better Than Regular Calcium?

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Does taking verapramil calcium channel blocker or a calcium antagonist deplete calcium from blood Or taking c?

1) No it doesn't. They just block the entry of calcium into certain cells of the cardiovascular system.2) No

What is in coral calcium?

Coral calcium is a natural supplement harvested from dead coral reef above sea level. It contains calcium from coral, magnesium, vitamin D3, betaine HCL, vitamnin C and 73 minerals naturally found ... Read More »

What is coral calcium?

Coral calcium is a calcium supplement that is made from coral. It is made from either fossilized coral or taken from the ocean floor near a coral reef. Calcium is important for strong bones, and co... Read More »