Is copying from wikipedia and putting it in a school report illegal?

Answer It's not a crime, but it is wrong and theoretically the editors of the Wikipedia article could sue you for damages (since Wikipedia is given away free, that would not amount to much), or could get ... Read More »

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Trying to create a wikipedia article, and it says I am copying another website, but the website is copying me?

The problem is not with trademark, but with copyright, which is something different.When you put something on Wikipedia, you put it there with the claim that a. you wrote it yourself, and b. that y... Read More »

Is copying a music cd illegal?

Copying a music CD (compact disc) that you do not own is illegal. It violates the legal right of the copyright holder of the music to control the copying and distribution of said music.References:C... Read More »

Is copying DVDs illegal?

It is only legal to copy DVDs in certain situations. Under the fair use doctrine of U.S. copyright law, copying a DVD for personal, noncommercial use, such as creating a backup copy, is considered ... Read More »

Do you think that copying and then modifying text from Wikipedia is plagarism?

Plagiarism is any time when one copies another's work, ideas, or words without explicit attribution. In college or university work, you'll be expected to cite sources if it's not your idea even if ... Read More »