Is copy machine toner toxic?

Answer Copier toner is toxic. Although the effects are often negligible because of the minute amounts people come into contact with, should the toner ever be ingested there can be disastrous results. How... Read More »

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How do I clean a copy machine that uses toner cartridge?

When people ask this question, it's usually because they've spilled a large amount of toner.Be advised that if you have spilled a large amount of toner, using the printer will cause melted toner to... Read More »

Is toner toxic?

Printer or photocopy toner is slightly toxic, and care should be taken to avoid heavy exposure. If you spill toner on your hands, wash it off immediately, and avoid inhaling toner powder or fumes. ... Read More »

Does it wreck a copy machine if you copy money on it?

A copier does not break when used to copy money. Copiers are designed to transfer the image from one piece of paper to another. However, copying money is generally illegal. Enforcement of the laws ... Read More »

Is copy toner hazardous waste?

Until recently, copier toner contained carcinogenic elements. Although newer toner does not carry this risk, some still contain hazardous materials, including a plastic resin that may cause allergi... Read More »