Is cooking with chlorinated water healthy?

Answer On One Hand: It is Better to Cook with Filtered WaterThe risk of bladder, colon and rectal cancer increases with the length of time a person drinks chlorinated water, according to CFS Nutrition. In... Read More »

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Is cooking with olive oil healthy?

On One Hand: Olive oil is good for the heartWhile all oils contain fats, not all oils are created equally. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat which has certain benefits. This type of fat increa... Read More »

Does chlorinated water kill plants?

On One Hand: Chlorinated Water Can Be DangerousPlants are not designed to handle water that is heavy with chlorine. The plants may experience a stunted growth or difficulty in growing. Seeds that a... Read More »

Does chlorinated water kill grass?

Chlorinated water does not kill grass. The healthfulness of the soil (and therefore the grass) relies on microorganisms in the soil. While chlorine does kill these microorganisms, they repopulate s... Read More »

Can chlorinated water harm tomato plants?

On One Hand: Yes, It Can Harm ThemThe chlorine found in most municipal tap water can alter the acidity of the soil in your garden, preventing your tomato plants from absorbing the nutrients they ne... Read More »