Is cooking sherry used just like infused cooking oils?

Answer No. Oils and alcohols have two different functions. For example alcohols are frequently used to de-glaze a pan to start to use the burnt on goodies as the basis of a sauce or a gravy.

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Is sherry vinegar the same as sherry cooking wine?

Sherry vinegar and sherry cooking wine are not the same. Sherry vinegar is vinegar flavored with sherry wine that has been aged at least six months. Sherry cooking wine is actual wine that is used ... Read More »

Can I substitute cooking sherry for dry red wine?

Dry red wine and cooking sherry have distinct flavors that usually cannot be interchanged in a recipe. Cooking sherry has a nutty semi-sweet flavor, while dry red wine isn't sweet at all. The flavo... Read More »

Is it OK to substitute rubbing alcohol (ethanol) for cooking sherry in a recipe?

Well it may work but it would certainly be a waste of good rubbing alcohol, that stuff gives you a killer buzz!You know the crap they put in wasp nests? That would probably work well, it's sweet to... Read More »

Different Kinds of Cooking Oils?

Cooking oil is basically purified fat that has been extracted from a plant. There are many types of cooking oils available in today's health-conscious society. Long gone are the days of frying your... Read More »