Is cooking in scratched nonstick pans dangerous?

Answer On One Hand: Possible Increase in PFOANonstick pans contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which can kill pets and cause flu-like symptoms in people when pans are heated at high temperatures. A Cons... Read More »

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Are nonstick pans bad?

On One Hand: Low Harmful EmissionsPeople worry about the nonstick coating breaking down and emitting carcinogens and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) into the air. PFOA causes birth defects and cancer... Read More »

Safety of Nonstick Pans?

Nonstick cookware is common and convenient. Most nonstick cookware uses PTFE or fluoropolymer formulations, which are compounds applied to metal pans and pots. Bakeware usually uses silicon-based ... Read More »

Do I have to grease nonstick pans?

On One Hand: It's UnnecessaryYou don't need to grease a nonstick pan. Manufacturers coat nonstick pans with a chemical compound called polytetrafluoroethylene in one to three layers. PTFE is the ch... Read More »

How do I bake with nonstick pans?

Avoid adding butter or oil to your nonstick pans. According to Better Homes and Gardens (BHG), you also should not use nonstick cooking sprays. Clean nonstick surfaces with with soap, water and a p... Read More »