Is converting Amount in Number into amount in Words possible in MS excel?

Answer There are different ways of doing this, and here are some of those: BAHTTEXT converts a number to Thai text and adds a suffix of "Baht". In MS-Excel for Windows, you can change the Baht format to ... Read More »

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I want to convert amount in words automatically in Excel. How?

To convert a number to a word, use Visual Basic for Applications. See the code further below.Note: for a list and description of conversion-related functions, check out the link below: Read More »

In Microsoft Excel how can you limit the amount of characters allowed into a cell?

It seems that you may have two problems to solve here: • Only allowing the correct number of characters to be entered in the first place. • Leaving the original data as it was entered, but... Read More »

Why is the amount of GB displayed or advertised on your hard drive/SD card not the same amount you get?

HIYou are partially right.There are alot of programs that ''steel'' Bytes from your hard disk.Its called ''nesecary evil''.

My Kodak AiO printer/scanner uses a disproportionate amount of ink to the amount of printing I do. Help anyone?

I can suggest two things to help you out:1: Ignore the ink level indicator, in most cases this is the printer guessing how much ink is used, the estimate comes from how many pages have been printed... Read More »