Is computer science a type of engineering?

Answer Yes. The process is called SDLC - systems development life cycle

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Computer Science Engineering Colleges?

Whether you enjoy tinkering around with your home computer, programming new applications, building peripherals and components or just like maintaining your computer, pursuing a degree in the comput... Read More »

Computer Science Projects for Engineering?

Engineers often must apply their computer science skills to the projects they develop. Computer science specialists also must often employ their computer programming skills to create software for t... Read More »

Computer Science or Computer Engineering?

LOL - in today's day 'n age, neither... and both.Okay, Computer SCIENCE is merely the understanding of digital electronic computing devices. You learn a little about basic programming... if luck... Read More »

What is the difference between Software Engineering and Computer Science?

Computer Science studies the theoretic, structural, and algorithmic foundations of computing and software. In contrast, Software Engineering is focused on building software-based products and syste... Read More »