Is computer programming a job that requires intense logical thinking?

Answer Yes. And dont let that scare you, once you start programming you will automatically get accustomed to it. You will enjoy it a lot if you start thinking logically.

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Is computer programming a job that requires intense problem solving, and non-stop logical thinking?

yes. even when not actually programming you need to be able to problem solve and think logically. reading code can be quite difficult when programs get very large and only thinking logically can yo... Read More »

Do you think that Computer programming is a wonderful vehicle for teaching problem solving, logical and critic?

Games to Encourage Logical Thinking in Children?

Logical thinking is a learned mental process in which one uses reasoning consistently to come to a conclusion, according to Audiblox. Children can begin learning the sequential processes of critica... Read More »

Will a pc game that requires Win 95/98 work in my Win Vista computer?

To play PC games that require Windows 95 or 98 on Vista you may have to change the compatibility mode. Right click on the application's executeable file in the installation directory and select "Pr... Read More »