Is compost good for your vegetable garden?

Answer yes it helps to fertilize the soil making it better for the plans tp get more nuetriant out off whitch helps them to grow quicker and better

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Can you compost zeolites and add to organic vegetable garden safely?

No you can not compost it - composting is the breakdown of plant and animal materials (ie organic chemicals). Zeolite is a natural mineral/clay.However you can add it to you compost heap and soil -... Read More »

Is dog **** good for compost for my garden?

Is shellfish compost really good for your organic garden?

The biggest advantage of shellfish compost is in soils infested with root-knot nematodes. Root-knot nematodes attack the roots of tomatoes, peppers, and many other vegetables, forming galls that re... Read More »

Are decayed fir needles good for garden compost?