Is compatible ink just as good?

Answer On One Hand: You Get What You Pay ForBrand name ink cartridges are very expensive, but are worth it if you print photographs. Experts agree that name brands offer the best quality and prints last l... Read More »

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Is 'compatible' printer ink any good?

Try looking at a company called 3000rpm on the net they are really good sell original and compatable i have a new epson epson stylos photo and can only use original whle under warranty but this com... Read More »

What is a good wireless keyboard and mouse that is compatible with mac?

Well, you're not going to find much under 35-40 dollars... but you could start by looking at the keyboard/mouse from apple itself. I have the apple wireless mouse, and it works fantastically. It al... Read More »

What's a cheap, good camera that I can use to vlog that's compatible with a Mac?

I used Canon (PowerShot AS, Rebel series dSLRs, Elura and Vixia camcorders), Sony (CyberShot, DCR-HC, HDR- series camcorders), Panasonic (Lumix, PV-DS series, DVX-100, HVX-200) and JVC (digital tap... Read More »

Are 'compatible' ink cartridges as good as those you can purchase from the printer manufacturer?

Ok for general use but not if you are a designer/printer/photographer etc as you can tell the difference. Blacks tend to be very, very, very, very dark blue and colour will fade more in sunlight an... Read More »