What kind of hat does Denzel wear in"American Gangster"?

Answer In the movie "American Gangster," Denzel Washington wears two different types of hats. He wears a brimmed hat made of chinchilla fur when his character goes to watch a fight. He also wears a crusha... Read More »

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How common is it for someone from Canada to get sick from eating American Food?

Even though American food is unhealthy, it's not common.

How to Identify the Most Common North American Spider Species?

Of the 40,000 spider species world-wide, there are more than 3,000 that make their habitat in the countries of North America. This article identifies the most common spider species that can be foun... Read More »

Who thinks the rich like Oprah Winfrey and D Trump need to pay the bailout instead of the common American?

I don't.Why should private citizens pay bailout? Are you suggesting this just because they are wealthy?The bailout isn't charity; the government is purchasing assets. If Trump and Winfrey were to f... Read More »

How could I become more gangster?

why try to become something that you're obviously not?