Is coloring your hair bad for you?

Answer Can damage your roots,scalp, hair . scalp can become sensitive, have chemical burns to due incorrect use on roots or an alergic reations. health wise i have never had any health issues, had a bad b... Read More »

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Yo: How long do you wait to shampoo, after getting your hair colored/coloring your own hair?

I was got a perm, for beautiful golden brown curls..I came home with corn rows on my head and a little orphan annie look...I washed, against the wishes of my stylist, immediately upon looking in th... Read More »

Can Coloring Your Hair Cause Hair Loss?

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How to Use Food Coloring to Dye Your Hair?

When you think of food coloring, you most likely think of coloring Easter eggs or frosting for a cake. But did you know you can use food coloring as a temporary hair color? Food coloring is not a h... Read More »

How to prevent staining your skin when coloring your hair?

As almost anyone who's attempted to dye their hair at home knows, no matter how careful you are, even the natural & semi permanent hair dye products can leave embarrassing stains on your face, ears... Read More »