Is coloring your hair bad for you?

Answer Can damage your roots,scalp, hair . scalp can become sensitive, have chemical burns to due incorrect use on roots or an alergic reations. health wise i have never had any health issues, had a bad b... Read More »

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Yo: How long do you wait to shampoo, after getting your hair colored/coloring your own hair?

I was got a perm, for beautiful golden brown curls..I came home with corn rows on my head and a little orphan annie look...I washed, against the wishes of my stylist, immediately upon looking in th... Read More »

Hair Coloring Ideas for Black Hair?

Dark hair can be sultry and exotic. Whether your hair is naturally black, or you have dyed it black, you may want to change up your look. It can be difficult to color black hair; in order to drasti... Read More »

How much hair dye is used when coloring?

The amount of color used depends on hair length and density (number of hairs per square inch). Shoulder-length hair that is not overly thick will need approximately 8 ounces of color to saturate th... Read More »

How to Rinse Hair After Coloring?

When coloring a client's hair or your own, one of the final steps of the process is rinsing out the hair dye. If the dye is not correctly rinsed out, the coloring job may turn out bad. Poorly rinse... Read More »