Is college education a right or a privilege?

Answer Education of any type is a privilege.

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How to Get an Affordable College Education?

Whether for yourself or your progeny, graduation with a Bachelor’s Degree doesn't need to result in financial catastrophe.

Where is the Right to a Free Education in the Constitution?

The U.S. Constitution does not state anything about the right to a free education. Education laws usually are enacted at the state level. Federal law, however, does require that students with disab... Read More »

The Education Requirements to Be a College Professor?

A college professor's education requirements depend on whether the individual plans to teach at a community college or at an established four-year university. Most community colleges require profes... Read More »

Why are general education courses in college required?

Colleges and universities require their students take a wide variety of general education courses in a number of subjects outside their declared major. There are several reasons for this practice.C... Read More »