How cold can a heat pump get?

Answer Heat pumps convert cold air outside into warm air inside a house. However, when the outdoor temperature gets too cold, the heat pumps do not work as well. An additional source of heat, such as elec... Read More »

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How to Heat Plugs for a Cold Start?

Heating the spark plugs on an engine to start it in cold weather is not a difficult process. You can do it almost anywhere. Both the engine block around the spark plugs and the plugs themselves are... Read More »

My Central Heat Is Blowing Cold?

A central heating system blowing cold air may be a sign of trouble or just a unit coming back online after a long summer off. Proper maintenance of your home heating equipment can eliminate issues ... Read More »

Is watermelon heat or cold to human body?

Watermelon is heat to the body. It just gives you better feeling, when it is hot outside. But it actually increases body heat. My wife had little body heat, few days back... After eating three wate... Read More »

How to Compare Minnesota Cold to Arizona Heat?

If you are looking for a creative lesson to teach your children about the weather, then consider guiding them through a weather lesson in which you all compare Minnesota's cold climates to Arizona'... Read More »