Is coke made from dead children?

Answer no not at all you fool!!!

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What tastes nicer: cherry coke, coke, diet coke, dr pepper?

Given the choice, ordinary coke - but what's the matter with good old lemonade ! ! !

Who made Coke?

Dr. John Stith Pemberton created Coca-Cola, or Coke, on May 8, 1886. The pharmacist took his syrup to Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia, where it was sold as a soda-fountain drink for five cent... Read More »

What is a Coke can made of?

Coke cans, like most soda and beer cans, are made out of 100% aluminum. Both Coca-Cola and Pepsi began using the all-aluminum can in 1967, which cut costs, as aluminum is a relatively cheap materia... Read More »

How IS Coke actually made?

It -has- been analyzed. Back in the 80s, a book came out 'Big Secrets' by William Poundstone, which analyzed not only Coca Cola but KFC's 11 secret herbs and spices (they found only salt and peppe... Read More »