Is coffee acidic or basic?

Answer According to The Coffee FAQ, coffee has an average pH of 5.0 to 5.1, which makes it a weak acid. A pH of 1.0 is very acidic, a pH of 14.0 is very basic and a pH of 7.0 is considered neutral. There ... Read More »

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Is tap water basic or acidic?

A sample is classified as acidic or basic based upon its rank on the pH scale. Substances with a pH less than seven are considered acidic, while those above seven are considered basic. Tap water ho... Read More »

Is ammonia acidic or basic?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ammonia is a base. Substances that have a pH above 7 are classified as basic or bases, and the EPA states that ammonia has a pH of about 12. Bases ... Read More »

Is beer acidic or basic?

Beer is acidic. Any substance that measures below 7 on the pH scale is acidic. Any substance measuring above 7 is alkaline, or base. The pH of beers varies depending on the type of beer but is norm... Read More »

Is lemon juice acidic or basic?

Lemon juice has a pH level of approximately 2, which means it is acidic. Acids range between 0 and 6 on the pH scale, pure water--which is neutral--registers at 7, and bases range between 8 and 14.... Read More »