Has anyone else experienced the diuretic effect of....?

Answer Judging from the way you worded it, it sounds like you have this problem when you drink diet only. This could be you are allergic to the Aspartame or whatever other artificial sweetener they have a... Read More »

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Is this a normal experience when on a diuretic?

Yes, it's doing what the name implies its dehydrating you. All diuretics work on the ascending loop of Henley in the nephron which is the smallest functioning unit of the kidneys. Normally in the a... Read More »

Can i still take a diuretic if im taking raspberry ketones?

Raspberry ketones don't actually do anything (they are junk, just along with 99.99% of the advice Dr. Oz gives) so there should really be no issue.If fluid retention is your issue you should really... Read More »

Is high blood pressure medicine a diuretic?

Not all blood pressure medications are diuretics; however, some diuretics are often used in combination with additional prescription therapies. Diuretics help the body get rid of excess water and s... Read More »

Should you wear support hosiery if taking diuretic medicine?

Support hose are commonly used for people who suffer from edema, or swelling, in the legs. Since diuretics are used to treat edema by causing the body to excrete excess water, they do not need to b... Read More »