Is coal a fossil fuel?

Answer Coal, along with oil and natural gas, is a fossil fuel. Coal was formed from dead vegetation and animal matter from as long as 400 million years ago. Coal forms from compressed mats of dead matter,... Read More »

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How to Make Diesel Fuel from Coal?

With political roadblocks to America drilling for oil off-shore or in protected areas and the increasing price per barrel of imported oil, an alternative fuel is appealing. Solar and wind power hav... Read More »

How to Convert Coal to Liquid Fuel?

The U.S. has the coal reserves to make coal-derived liquid fuel a reality --- over 250 billion tons' worth as of 2011. South Africa has already shown that it can produce synthetic fuels made from c... Read More »

Is gas a fossil fuel?

Gasoline (gas) is a component of crude oil, which is a fossil fuel. Refineries separate gasoline from crude oil by boiling the crude oil into vapor. Different fractions are collected according to t... Read More »

How much fossil fuel do we use?

Fossil fuels are high energy sources from plants and animals that died millions of years ago. The fossil fuel reserves are found buried deep in the earth. These reserves are salvaged and used to po... Read More »