Is clindamycin too strong for my child?

Answer On One Hand: Helpful MedicineClindamycin fights bacterial infections in the body. Clindamycin a powerful antibiotic that stops and reverses bacterial growth. Due to its strength, it's often prescri... Read More »

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How to Discipline a Strong Willed Child?

Dealing with strong willed kids is very stressful at times! This technique may take a while but after a few times, the kids will get the message! You must be very determined and strong willed!

How do you cope with the strong willed child in a group situation?

I assume by your question is - you are asking at what gestational age can a newborn grow and develop without extra medical care? The answer: it is usually by 36 weeks gestation.

Adoptees: Did you have a strong desire to have a child when you were young simply to have a blood connection?

I very much wanted children. Having a blood connection was part of it. A desire to parent was part of it, as well. I did hope to have children fairly early (in my 20's.) Being infertile, it nev... Read More »

Are strong acids&bases strong electrolytes?

Strong acids and strong bases are both considered strong electrolytes, because they completely split apart in the presence of water. This disassociation results in free-floating cations (positively... Read More »