What Is Clear Matrix Color Sync?

Answer Matrix produces a line of Color Sync hair care products designed to seamlessly blend the color of your hair. While the idea of a clear hair color treatment may seem silly, the product has many bene... Read More »

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How to Tame Frizzy Hair With Clear Color Glaze?

Clear color glazes were created to help infuse shine into the hair, illuminate and protect existing color and highlights as well as seal the cuticle and create a more manageable texture for easier ... Read More »

Why Is Sea Water Blue in Color & Tap Water Clear in Color?

Looking across the ocean on a sunny day, you will see what appears to be a blue expanse of water. However, if you fill a glass with tap water, it appears clear. There are many factors that affect w... Read More »

How do you get a swimming pool to have that clear blue color you typically see in nice pools?

Answer I have found with communicating with other pool owners that the color of your liner has alot to do with the water color. My pool is blue and white which gives the water that tint. If you hav... Read More »

I found about 30 lbs of pine resin on the beach. It is clear amber color but not hard enough to be amber.?

Well, if it is hard enough to make into jewelry, then sell it to a jeweler, remind him that he can sell most anything to us American Tourists, really he can.Are you sure that it is Pine Resin and ... Read More »